1. Septum Piercing

    Note from Sacred Raven Tattoo and Piercing Shop: It's me again, Enrique “Reek” Perez, I have been an advanced piercing specialist since 2006 and continuing my ‘piercing near me‘ blog series. Last time we covered 'do piercings hurt?" and today I will be addressing septum piercing. This nose …Read More

  2. Do Piercings Hurt?

    Note from Sacred Raven Tattoo and Piercing Shop: My name is Enrique “Reek” Perez, I have been a professional body piercer since 2006. Throughout this 'piercing near me' blog series, I will be touching on the most common questions that I have received in the last fifteen years of my career. Some …Read More

  3. Top 6 Tips To Consider When Choosing A Professional Piercer in 2021

    According to safepiercing.org, "your potential piercer should earn your trust by demonstrating knowledge and competency. Before taking your money, a piercer should be willing to provide a consultation to inspect your anatomy, discuss jewelry selection, the procedure, potential risks and complicat…Read More