Free Estimate For A Custom Tattoo

How does the custom tattoo process work?

First and foremost, be prepared! Have an idea of the custom tattoo design you want, where you want it, and begin to articulate a description of what you want. Gather images that peak your interest to give the artist a better idea of the style you are looking for. The more references, the better!

During business hours, you should receive a response within a couple of hours, if you do not, please call (910) 745-9390, to ensure your message was received.

Thank you! - Sacred Raven Team

How do I get the artist to put my ideas in my head to a custom tattoo design on my body?

If you are interested in a particular artist, make sure you research the style they do to make sure they are a good fit for you and what you’re wanting. See our tattoo artists here. If you are reaching out to our tattoo shop for the first time, call us directly (910) 745-9390 and we'll pair you with the best tattoo artist for the style of your tattoo. Once you've picked your Fayetteville tattoo artist and decided on a date, a deposit is usually required to lock it in. Keep in mind, no custom tattoo designs will be drawn up before this happens. The deposit will usually be credited to the final price of your tattoo and is given so that your design may be drawn as part of the custom tattoo process. You may or may not have had a consultation. *In person consultations are not always required. If you are wanting a smaller tattoo, you may not need to consult over the design days prior to your tattoo appointment, but if you would feel more comfortable, you can always stop by!

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